Words of a KJV Bible Fanatic

Bible is a holy book, and it is the words of god. So if you want peace on life you should read bible. KJV bible version is the most popular translated bible now.

have heard people saying that you need to change and that as a Christian you
are supposedly to be too kind to others and people should be impressed with you
as a person. You can only become a real person if you follow the teachings of
the KJV Bible. If you heard this somewhere then you are hearing the words of a
KV Bible fanatic.

word of a KJV Bible fanatic will tell you that the KJV Bible is the only book
that could essence to your life and no other book in the whole wide world teach
you life’s lessons. If people will look at the Bible as book then it makes no
difference if you are holding another book aside from the Bible.

can just imagine being told that the Bible KJV Book will make people perfect
when no one is perfect. First, there were only the different versions of the
Bible now getting to meet people who talks of the Bible as a book is entirely

Bible is a holy book and in it are the words of God. The word of God in the
Bible is how God speaks to you as person, guiding you to the right path of
life. Whether it is a KJV Bible or another version of the Bible, it is not the
book that brings changes into your life but the teachings and messages of God
to you as person.

you come across a KJV Bible fanatic make sure that you will not be taken by his
words. If he talks of the book as your way of life you better start thinking.
If this is how people will think of the Bible as a book that will make you
perfect then everyone will just be having a Bible to carry with them to make
them real human being.