These 5 ways to decorate your house with a floor vase will add to its modernism and beauty

Floor vase is really cool and adds quite a nice substance to the decoration of your house. It augments the elegance of your house and we suggest you to style one or more around your house. This article gives you some really interesting ideas to get started with this mission.

Have you wondered how your personality plays an important role in the way you plan the interior designing of your house?In fact, style and personality are two elements that can be reflected in any form you want, not necessarily apparels. Your personality decides the kind of style you like and that can be applied anywhere especially in interior decoration.Interior decoration that can be exuded both at your home and office speaks a lot about your personality and the type of style you admire. For example, if a house is all about antique collections and souvenirs, you must be very fond of tradition and heritage and is a big fan of nostalgia as well. On the other hand, if the house has lots of plants inside and outside of it, you’re a big fan of greenery and believe in the positive vibes the former bring.Whatever the style is, it is exclusive and reflects the personalities of all the members of a family. In context to this, we are going to give you some great ideas to bring out the personalities of your house using a floor vase.Floor vases these days are really trending and yet very original, and helps you maintain the modern style and beauty of the house too.So if you have been wanting to don a floor vase in your house for long now, we have a list of some great ideas to do this job successfully.1. By the fireplaceFireplace is a must-have for all luxurious houses and one of the best ways to enhance the beauty and charm of it. Floor vases complement a fireplace in more ways than you know and also it offers a mishmash of traditional and modern look.2. At the corner on the juncture of two roomsModern flats in Mohali have rooms in close proximity to each other thereby making it somewhat important to decorate the area in between the rooms in order to add some fun twist.3. On the sides of the television stand or music systemDrawing room is the place where you spend most of the time with your family and even yourself so why not make it a little different than any other ordinary home? Whether your television is kept on a stand or mounted on a wall, adding a floor vase at the device’s sides is a great way to decorate your living room in a modern way.4. At the empty corner beside the staircaseThis is a great way to refurbish your house if you’re living in your own mansion and not an apartment. Often the space next to the staircase is left empty as you fail to understand what exactly can go in that area. Keep a nice and classy floor vase (not necessarily with flowers inside it) to fill up the space as well as make it look nice.5. In the bathroomMost of the ready for possession apartments in Mohali have really spacious and big bathrooms so it is always a great excuse for you to decorate the insides of the place with some interesting options. And keeping a floor vase is a great way to style up your bathroom. In this case, you can add minimal plants (bathroom suitable obviously) to oomph up the green and refreshing factor inside the bathroom.Interesting enough? Now go and start decorating!

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