Excessive Hair Loss: Stick To One Line Of Treatment To Curb Hair Fall

People stricken with the agony of hair loss have been often found desperately switching over from one course of treatment to another in order to check hair loss and bring back hairs on scalp. However it should not be so, because all different ways for treating hair loss need some time to show results. All hair loss struck folks must keep patience.

They should opt for one line of treatment and stick to it till the required time to see the desired results.

There are various treatment options. From natural remedies to high powered drugs- all are available to treat hair loss. There also exist a nutritional way to curb hair fall. If you don’t want to take hair loss pills, a host of liquids and chemicals are also there to apply directly on the scalp.

Among all these treatment options what remains a favorite of all is home treatment option. These options are rather based on natural products and hence are also termed as natural remedy. From egg yolks to various oils there could be n-number of natural products to be used to treat hair loss at home.

Natural measures also include nutritional supplements such as iron pills, iodine supplements and Vitamin B rich products.

Coming to medication option, only a few drugs have been approved as hair loss remedy. Precisely, there are only two medicines that have got approval of FDA. These are Minoxidil and Propecia. But these medications must be checked against side effects and reactions before being brought in regular use. Baring these medications there are also a good number of other medicines that are efficient in treating loss of hairs but not without disastrous side effects. So check in these details before trying any of these.

In extreme cases of hair loss when you are sure to remain bald for the whole life, you are left with only one option. This is hair transplantation through surgery.

Although there exists a non surgical option of hair replacement but it’s not as effective as hair transplantation. While opting for transplantation you must take great care and caution in choosing the surgeon. You must select the surgeon whose dexterity in the sphere of hair transplantation is renowned.

Before using scalp ointments and liquids, a consultation with dermatologist is a prerequisite. There must not be excess application of scalp liquids. You should strictly follow the instructions given by your dermatologist.

All in all, I would sum up my article with a suggestion that don’t get panicked over excessive hair loss. Have patience, you can bring back your hairs provided you are determined to do so.

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