Cosmetics material in perfume category

Perfume is a fragrance cosmetics product. Its function is refreshing, eliminating body odor and keeping the fragrance in human body. The main products are perfume and toilet water, etc.

Main raw material for making perfume is alcohol, fragrance, water, and integration of agents and antioxidants. As raw materials for cosmetics perfume alcohol, and its concentration is generally 90% -95%, and requires no magazines, no odor, appearance and physical and chemical indicators of indicators qualified before use must be aging treatment. Alcohol can be removed by treatment with organic magazines, such as formaldehyde, acetic acid, acetone, fusel, sugar and other organic magazines. Perfume fragrance used in cosmetics material, fragrances and synthetic with natural spices from the monomer mixture. Perfume fragrance content is generally 15% -20%. For some high-end perfume, the amount of up to 50%. Manufacture of perfume of fresh distilled water for general use, deionized water or removal of minerals in soft water.

Common with natural floral fragrance of spices, blended spices is mostly dissolved in ethanol is made. Sources in accordance with spices into floral fragrance and fantasy-type perfumes categories. Floral fragrance of the spices is natural flowers as a central theme; fantasy-type perfumes of spices are deployed out of the perfumer.

Toilet water is nectar to oil as the main flavor, made together with alcohol, fragrance products. Toilet water is a summer health products, with refreshing, to prickly heat, itching effect. The main raw material for alcohol toilet water, essence, distilled water, supplemented by a small amount of sodium citrate chelating agents, antioxidants such as tert-butyl-p-cresol.

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